Command and Conquer Relived

13/04/22- Welcome Back Commander

As you know, since Command and Conquer Franchise died few years ago, I have not made updates to this site siunce then. But now, with the community being revived again, I have taken control of the site again and will not bew making updates monthly if not weekly.

There will be also more content such as Interviews, Mods and Maps. In addition to thiese changes, I will also be working on making my past podcasts available in the Podcast section of the Website.

We are also looking for Volunteers to help generate content. Please be adviced that its an unpaid role, only your dedication to the Command and Conquer franchise is welcomed. To apply, simply have a lok at the Careers page for a full list of positions and feel free to submit a resume, while telling me the position you are interested in

12/12/11 - Generals 2 Announced

Fans have been hearing a lot of rumours aboty the next C&C Game EA will develope. Well, word got out that the next C&C Game will be Generals2. CNCNZ predicted that it iwll retail in 2013, as stated in the games tracker. Here is a banner to start you off.

In the near future, world leaders are mere seconds from signing a global treaty and bringing an end to war as we know it when a devastating terrorist attack rips through the peace conference, killing all in attendance. In a world left with no politicians, diplomats, or activists, only the Generals remain. It’s up to you to assume their roles, command of their forces, and put an end to global terrorism once and for all.

  • All-out War – Take control of three unique factions, competing for resources, building up your base of operation, and leading massive batteries of tanks, soldiers, and aircraft into battle.
  • Uncanny Sense of Realism – Frostbite 2 technology allows for visceral, visually stunning conflict at an epic scale. Incredibly detailed units and environments, dynamic physics, and exhilarating visual effects bring the battle to life in ways never before seen. This is the closest thing to real war without the consequences.
  • New Ways to Dominate or Ally with your Friends – Go beyond classic deathmatch with a selection of new multiplayer game modes, designed with both cooperative and competitive play in mind.
  • Thrilling Campaign – Command the war on terror in an electrifying single-player campaign. Experience the dramatic story from multiple perspectives—from heroic General to crazed terrorist—while engaging the enemy in pulse-pounding tactical combat.
  • Ever-evolving Experience – Enhance your game with an expanding array of downloadable content. From maps and units to factions, campaigns, and more, the fight against terrorism is deeper than ever.

11/12/11 [New Generals 2 Content @ C&C World]

TS-Rewire is making a return. Ganster, leader of sandbox forums is in the process of making a total conversion of Yuri's Revenge, into the Tiberian Sun Universe. The mod will be the same as TS but with better visuals and high quality gameplay. This mod will be running on Ares, A Yuri's Revenge Expansion DLL also known as Rockpatch 2.

Click here for more information

06/06/10 [RA3: Paradox Interview]

My very very good friend Chickendippers has just interviewd Kerensky287, the mastermind and leader behind RA3: Paradox. It's a total conversion mod for RA3 and will include 5 new factions as well as additional units for the existing factions. The campaign is set in the aftermath of Red Alert 3.
Click here to read the full interview

06/05/10 [Tiberium - Ichor Wallpaper]

Kane Nash has released another kick *** wallpaper. It;s the Ichor Seed aka Tiberium. Not only that, but there is also a back story. It comes in different resolutions. Pick yours

1280 x 1024 | 1600 x 1200 | 1920 x 1200

06/03/10 [C&C4 3v3 Map Contest]

The two biggest German websites in the community and have teamed up to launch a contest to challenge your C&C4 mapping skills to the limit.

There are some great prizes up for grabs for the best fan-made maps including a copy of C&C4, t-shirts, pins, stickers, all sorts of hard-to-find goodies and a featured place on the official website! To take a look at all the prizes click here. If you're up to the challenge fire up Worldbuilder and head over to United-Forum or CnCSaga to upload your map!

06/02/10 [New poll launched at CNCNZ]

CNCNZ just launched a poll on the next game for the Command & Conquer series. I urge you to partake this poll. It's quite interesting. I know that Tiberium wont be the answer as Apoc stated C&C4 is the final. So, vote now at CNCNZ and hope EA keeps up woth making Command & Conquer Game.

06/29/10 [Where is Apoc Now?]

Those of you who are friends with former C&C community leader Apoc on Facebook might already be aware, but the which development studio he is now working for has been publicly announced. As I alluded to earlier this week he is now working for THQ on the UFC and WWE series of wrestling games. Aaron is now going by the nickname THQ Tank and you can read his introduction to the community here - a real baptism of fire; landed there at a pretty interesting time, right in the middle of the UFC 2010 launch, which seems to be experiencing even more show-stopping bugs than the C&C4 launch did!